Purpose and Need

The site specific purpose for the proposed action will focus on creating more resilient ecological conditions to large scale disturbance across the entire landscape.  We also intend to reduce the impacts of uncharacteristic wildfire to communities, infrastructure, and natural resources, and contribute towards the long-term sustainability of a full range of natural resource values including wildlife habitat, protecting aquatic resources and public drinking water.

The size, severity, and behavior of recent wildfires on the Pike National Forest and along the Front Range have highlighted the risks posed by current forest conditions. The human and environmental costs of wildfire suppression and rehabilitation have seen a significant increase across the region in recent decades. As a result of increasing risks for large fires and extreme water flows, there is a need to make strategic investments in vegetative treatments within the UMC landscape. Strategically placed vegetative treatments reduce the vulnerability of surrounding communities, municipal watersheds, and natural resource values at risk to severe fire and excessive water flows in the future.